Publié : 21 janvier 2018
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Come and visit my room….in English, of course !

My room

It’s purple and pink and it’s very tidy.
There are two parts in my room, one with my bed and one with my desk.
There are some posters of horses above my desk. I started horse-riding when I was three.
I really enjoy taking care of horses and horse-riding.
Behind my desk, against the wall I put my drawing portfolio. I have drawing lessons too.
There are some books and magazines on the bookshelves.
There are also some photos of my friends in front of my bed.
Near my wardrobe, there ’s a door to go into the garden.

Emilie Bec 5D

In my bedroom…

…I have a big white cupboard in front of the door and a small blue cupboard in front of my wardrobe. There’s my bed next to my closet and a small radiator in front of the bed.
Next to the radiator there’s a large window and a small red cupboard next to it.
There’s a pink desk next to my bookcase and a small sofa next to the door.
 Morjane Bekkal 5D

My bedroom

My bedroom is white. There are photos of my cheerleader team and of my friends.
On Saturdays I like going to my cheerleader club.
In my room I have a large bookcase with lots of books, figurines and a collection of precious stones and fossils.
I have a big bed, a TV with a blue ray player and game consoles.
I also have my rabbit called “Caline”.
I love my room because I feel good in it, it’s very pleasant. 
 Caitleen Stahl 5D


My room

It’s not big but it’s not small. The walls are purple and grey.
I have three pillows and one is shaped like a cloud. I have pictures of mountains and stars in frames.
My desk is purple and my chair is grey. My wardrobe is white.
I have a purple lamp on my bedside table.
I like purple and grey !

 Elisa Morlon 5D